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  • Member Aliasing in Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest

    A recent issue was raised for Linq2Rest where aliased properties are not supported when generating the OData style query URL. I pushed changes to the library which should now include support for … more

  • ScriptCS Code Rewriting - What for?

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn

    Recently I submitted an idea to the ScriptCS team to support code rewriting. Being the smart people that they are, they liked the idea. Here I am going to describe some of the thinking behind the idea … more

  • Evaluating Coupling

    Tags: metrics, ScriptCS

    In a previous post I described the metrics data in the ScriptCs.Metrics script pack. In this post I will describe one way where these metrics can be relevant - I'll be focusing on class coupling (or … more

  • Using ScriptCs.Metrics

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn, metrics

    I wrote a previous announcement about a code metrics script pack for ScriptCs. I have been working on it and developing the API since the initial release, so I can now describe how to use it. But … more

  • Why I Wrote a Metro Camera App

    Tags: Open Source

    The tl;dr version is that this is a rant about how software bundled with hardware is shit mainly because companies don't just open up the product and provide a half decent API.

    I recently purchased … more

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